Where to Play 40K - Astra Militarum Getting Started - Part 5
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Where to Play 40K – Astra Militarum Getting Started – Part 5

Where can one play the great battles of Warhammer 40,000?

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With the intensity of the last article over we’ll move onto something easier to digest. Where to play 40K?

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Where to Play 40K

For some players, this is obvious because their introduction to the hobby is where they plan on playing. Eg a local Games Workshop store or a friends house who introduced them to Warhammer 40K. This article is not Astra Militarum specific.

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For others, however, it’s less obvious what is available and where. For this reason, I thought it necessary to quickly cover the various types of places where you can play Warhammer 40K. It’s also a welcome break from the detail of the previous article about Ways to Play Astra Militarum.


Let us start on Independent Stores. These places sell Games Workshop products as well as a whole load of other games and hobby-related items. Many also have gaming tables.

Many also have tables and terrain that you can use and play with. They’ll be a cost to this but it’s often very little compared with buying your own table, battle mat and terrain. For example Boards and Swords near me costs ÂŁ3 for a table per person. Given the variety and quality of terrain available, it’s well worth it. I play almost exclusively at Boards and Swords.

I am told though that in other places, such as the USA, paying for a table is not the norm. Normally the table is free but there is an unwritten rule that you should buy some snacks/a drink to support the running of the store. Thanks for the tip on this @linguartisan.

The Games Workshop products will often be cheaper than the full Games Workshop prices. But won’t be as cheap as online retailers like Element Games. But there is no postage from a retailer like this and you can get it then and there.

Boards and Swords Battlefield - Where to Play 40K

Boards and Swords Battlefield – Where to Play 40K

Games Workshop Stores

Of course, you can walk into a Games Workshop store too to learn the game of Warhammer 40,000 and find a game with a member of staff or a stranger. You can also meet friends there to use the tables. I would check first though to ensure there is not an event on. However this I have never done, if you can cast more light and information onto this topic, do please let me know.


There are many clubs out there that can help you find players and get you up to speed on playing Warhammer 40,000. The one I used to go to seems to have disappeared.

Search Google for “city name wargaming club” or ask at your local Games Workshop or Independent retailer. Also, search on Facebook as many exist there and organise themselves using Facebook rather than a website.

Clubs often have a small fee to help with the rental of a room, as well as building and maintaining terrain. It’s a lot cheaper (and quicker) than making your own terrain.

You’ll meet new people too and be introduced to new styles of play and other forces that your regular friends may not use.

Gaming in a club is more casual than gaming in shops with random people because at a club the membership is more stable. You’re more likely to find helpful people that want you to have a good time. The so-called “social contract” is much stronger there.

A 7th Edition game at the Dice and Daggers club - Where to Play 40K

A 7th Edition game at the Dice and Daggers club – Where to Play 40K


This is one of the best places I find to play Warhammer 40,000. With friends at your own (or their) home. You decide when the game ends and you can ensure you have all the right snacks and drinks (beer) you need.

But you need a table to play on and some terrain. I made my own 6ft x 4ft table some time ago and its still functioning today! Very well I might add!

You don’t need a table that big of course if you play smaller games of 40K and you don’t need fancy terrain. As you can see. Random objects and fish tank scenery will suffice!

One of my very first games - Where to play 40K

One of my very first games – Where to play 40K

These days my battlefields look more like this. But this level of terrain comes in time. Child’s high chair optional.

Gaming table at my home - Where to Play 40K

Gaming table at my home – Where to Play 40K

And that is it on where to play 40K!

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