Catachan Regiment
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Catachan Regiment

The Catachan are coming!

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My Catachan Regiment is complete! For now. It’s been a while in the making but I am really happy with the force both in terms of appearance and functionality.

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Straken was painted by Siege Studios, and what an awesome job they did. I asked for him to be painted like the Straken on the Games Workshop website and he is! I did the Straken base.

The Infantry and Company Commanders were loving painted by Chris at The Unrelenting Brush. And what a superb job he has done on them! Go check him out on Instagram too.

Catachans Overview

Catachans Overview

Catachan Regiment

My Catachan force consists of the following models;

  • Straken
  • 3x Company Commanders with Power Fists and Plasma Pistols
  • 3x Cyclops Demolition Vehicles
  • 3x Hellhounds
  • 3x Infantry Squads with Flamers and Sergeants with Laspistols and Power Swords
  • 3x Vox Casters
  • A Grenade Launcher


The force plays to the Catachans strengths. That is their ability to re-roll one dice for the number of shots for vehicles. And their ability to add one to their Strength for infantry.

I can’t wait to throw these guys into battle again as a full force.


Straken is a Senior Officer so can give out two Orders and for Catachans gives them +1 Leadership if they are within 6″ of him. He also gives them +1 Attack in the Fight Phase.

His Been There, Seen It, Killed It ability lets him re-roll failed Wounds against Monsters in the Fight Phase. Which is nice given that is Strength 7 in Combat, AP-1 and Damage 2 in Combat. His Plasma Pistol seems a little risky unless Yarrick is about to give him re-rolls of one to hit.



Commanders & Sergeants

The Company Commanders all have Power Fists! This gives them S8 which is pretty nice. Enemy vehicles won’t know what hit them. Three seems excessive when I’ve only three units of Infantry Squads but I managed to pick them up cheap on eBay. So why not!

It gives me some breathing room too for adding in new Infantry Squads in the future. I also fancy the idea of three Catachan Command Squads with Grenade Launchers. That’ll give me 12 D6 shots (with re-rolls) at 24″ hitting on a 3+. We’ll call it the Catachan Wyvern 2.0.

One day maybe.

The Sergeants also have Power Swords. They’ll be Strength 4 with an AP-3 which isn’t too bad. They won’t be taking out Land Raiders though.

Catachan Company Commanders

Catachan Company Commanders


I’ve gone for three squads to start with. Which is just right for a Battalion. Each Sergeant, as mentioned, above will have a Power Sword and the squads will also have a Flamer.

Again this is playing to the Strengths of the Catachan, their order can remove any extra cover save when firing Flamers.

Catachan Infantry

Catachan Infantry


After using these for the first time against the Black Templars I just want to use them all the time. They also did pretty well again the Dark Angels recently and in a 40K 1v1v1.

Their random number of shots per unit (2D6) means I can re-roll for fewer shots versus friendly units and re-roll for more shots versus enemy units. Only one of the dice though.

This really helps a lot when you’re setting off these explosives amongst your own units too. You can re-roll for lower against your own and higher against enemy units.



Catachan Hellhounds

Once again I’ve gone for some random shot weapons.

They will shield my Cyclops as they roll into the enemy lines for maximum explosive shenanigans.




I have a couple of additional elements on my side that can be used to further boost my Catachans.

Firstly I have Psymon the Primaris Psyker painted and ready to rock. This is a decent HQ choice to take instead of just spamming two Company Commanders when one will suffice.

There is also Yarrick that I can use as a generic HQ choice too. Again painted by Siege Studios.

Catachan Summary

With this I can get three detachments; Battalion, an Outrider and a Spearhead. I just need to take one Primaris Psyker as an HQ choice for one of the detachments.

This comes in at about 808 points. And it gives me 10CP including three for being Battle Forged.

This is a chunk of points. It forms just under half of a 1,750 point list. This gives me a decent number of points to fill with Cadians.

I think that’s my Catachans done now, for a while. I can’t think of anything that I want to add.

It would be awesome to add something like a Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher one day or a Heavy Mortar Battery.

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