Psymon the Psyker Completed

Psymon the Psyker Completed

Welcome Psymon!

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He is finally done! My first Primaris Psyker is completed. He is called Psymon. All think “Hi Psymon!”

From start to finish he took me exactly 2 weeks. While that won’t win any awards – I’m happy with that. At that rate, I could do 26 Primaris Psykers per year. I won’t. :-)

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Since my last post about his cloak and wet blending, I added some orange and white highlights to the cloak. This has helped a lot with the contrast and I think it looks better for it.

I also completed all the details as well as the blue gems. In keeping with the rest of my forces, I’ve used Agrellan Earth on his base.

I messed up his varnish at the end though. I either didn’t shake it well enough or I didn’t use enough water in the mix. It went fine with my Ratlings, the only other time I’ve used a varnish. But this time it ended up shiny. I applied another coat or two of well shaken and watered down varnish. That seemed to have fixed it.

Psymon Gallery

And with the voting completed for my next project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – it seems it will be 3x Catachan Hellhounds!

From 255 votes across all three platforms, the Hellhounds won with 57% of the vote.

I already have my Cyclops Demolition Vehicles that are Catachan – who performed very well recently versus the Black Templars – so doing these will get me one step closer to getting all my Catachans done.

The Malcador will be after the Hellhounds.

Catachan Hellhounds getting their base coats

Catachan Hellhounds getting their base coats