Hobby Streak – Road to 400 Days

Hobby Streak – Road to 400 Days

All aboard the Hobby Streak train, onto day 400!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

And so, another Hobby Streak of 100 days is completed, this one took me from December 22nd to April 1st

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400 Days on a Hobby Streak

My goals for this Hobby Streak were;

  • Paint 60 infantry models, that is 4 models a week on average :-/
  • 3 HQ style models
  • Void Shield Generator
  • A Cadian vehicle
  • A non-Cadian vehicle

I did nowhere near this, but I did do a load of models and big models. I also pushed myself to paint the Bullgryns and Ogryns as well as I could. They turned out well I think!

I did do 1 HQ, Emil Thanz (with a spiffing base) for the League and if you count the Bullgryns and Ogryns has 3 models each… that’s 36, plus 20 Valhallsn, that’s 56 models – sort of.

Completed Models During the Last 100 Days

A total of 33 Models.

My Other Hobby Streaks

What Is Next?

  • 5 Cadians – these are started
  • 3 Thudd Guns – these are started
  • Some Leman Russ turrets kits basked from bits and the Forgeworld Ryza turrets

Let’s not push it too much on this next hobby streak.