Hobby Streak - Road to 200 Days

Hobby Streak – Road to 200 Days

200 days done!

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I did my second streak of 100 days on a Hobby Streak! This one is from early June 4th to September 12th! It was a bit on again off again, but it was consistent and I got models painted – which is the main thing!

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200 Days on a Hobby Streak

This time around I took fewer photos and was less obsessed with doing something every, single, day! I got as much done as during the previous hobby streak I think, but it was different this time.

I started off with 20 Tempestus Scions which would have been boring to photo over and over again. Also, it might have been demoralising to see so little progress on a day-to-day basis. Doing the gold on 20 models over the course of a week does not feel like quick progress.

Completed Models During the Last 100 Days

Not a major showing this time, but a batch of 20 models was a pretty tall order – and those Scions are detailed models! You will also see below I did some HKMs too, the Valkyrie base was almost a model in itself too.

This is a total of 25 models, at that rate of models per 100 days, my current unpainted pile of models will be done in about 1,254 days! That is an improvement over my previous 100 days, where I did 19 models. Progress people! Progress!

My Other Hobby Streaks

What Is Next?

I think next I need to start to slog through some infantry models of some sort. At present my options are one of the following;

  • 13 Ratlings, which will take me to the maximum number of Ratlings I can run according to the Rule of Three
  • Regular Cadians to fill them out so I can run all Cadian Conscripts
  • Wyrdvanes Pyskers so I can run the Psychic Conclave from the Greater Good Book before it is removed when our new Astra Militarum appears
  • I may do a Trojan to get a vehicle done

I may now. character or two at some point to break up the infantry I end up doing, some of the following;

  • Hector Rex
  • Inquisitor Draxus
  • Inquisitor Greyfax
  • Astropaths

I may also extend out the 100 day Hobby Streak posts now I am on a complete roll with it! So the next might be in 200 days…


A (sort of) daily gallery of the last 100 days of progress.