Hobby Streak – Road to 700 Days

Hobby Streak – Road to 700 Days

All aboard the Hobby Streak train, into and past day 700!

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And so, another Hobby Streak of 100 days is completed; this one took me from October 19th to January 28th.

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700 Days on a Hobby Streak

My goals for this Hobby Streak were to do one of the following for the Rule of Cool;

  • Crassus Armoured Transport – Nope!
  • Griffon Mortar Carriers – Nope!
  • Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries – Done!

I got a lot of other things done, though!

Completed Models During the Last 100 Days

A total of 29 models.

My Other Hobby Streaks

What Is Next?

The Crassus and Griffons are unlikely to get done, I think, over the next 100 days. Especially with the new models all coming out now.

  • 6 Field Ordnance Batteries which are well on their way
  • A Rogal Dorn Tank
  • New Creed


A log of all progress during this Hobby Streak…