Hobby Streak – Road to 600 Days

Hobby Streak – Road to 600 Days

All aboard the Hobby Streak train, into and past day 600!

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And so, another Hobby Streak of 100 days is completed; this one took me from July 11th to October 19th.

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600 Days on a Hobby Streak

My goals for this Hobby Streak were;

  • Something from another Games Workshop game which is not 40K – Done
  • Crassus Armoured Transport – No
  • More Cadians – No – but there are 14 well inprogress
  • A set of 3 new Heavy Weapons – No
  • More Valhallans – No

This Hobby Streak period was a bit of a weird one. I took some time off the hobby during the school holidays and just stepped back a bit from the game and painting. It felt good, and now in mid-October, I am back on it, cranking through that pile of shame!

I even got Draxus done for a local competition at BASH.

Doing something none-40K was really fun and a new challenge. I should do that more often.

I did not do as much as I had hoped during this period, but I am still on it…

Completed Models During the Last 100 Days

My Other Hobby Streaks

What Is Next?

This is a good question because new models are now being accounted and there is a new Codex coming… it is hard to know what to focus on.

So I guess I will just focus on the Rule of Cool and try and do one of the following;

  • Crassus Armoured Transport
  • Griffon Mortar Carriers
  • Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries

I would like to do more armour, though, this month. So my armoured pile of shame is much reduced – making the purchasing of any new Astra Militarum Tank more palatable. The Crassus might be a good place to start.


A log of all progress during this Hobby Streak…