Custodians Showcase

Custodians Showcase

A quick look at my Custodians now they are embedded within my forces.

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’ve had these guys for a while now and I love them. Dave_nyhilus painted them all for me. And I’m very happy! The Custodians have seen combat a few times.

Their first outing was against the Necrons where I used General Trajann, 4 Custodian Guard with Guardian Spear and a Vexillus Praetor. That is a sizeable investment of points. Read that Astra Militarum vs Necrons Battle Report.

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They are an odd bunch for an Astra Militarum Commander to use. They are so different from my usual forces and therefore need some change in mindset to make them work.

Firstly without a Land Raider to ferry them up the field, they are slow. They have their other methods though;

  • Ability to Deep Strike a unit for 1 CP or two units for 3 CP.
  • A Stratagem that allows you to Deep Strike 3″ from an enemy. It’s 3 CP!
  • A Relic that lets you wrong foot your enemy during deployment. The bearer and one other Custodes unit can redeploy.

So now we have the ability to Deep Strike two units and move a further two units. This helps with getting them in Rapid Fire range and getting them into melee.

But how else can I get them into combat as soon as possible? Ideas?

MVPs – Trajann & Vexillus Praetor

Trajann has been the most effective member of the squad along with the Vexillus Praetor with the Vexilla Defensor.

Trajann because he hits so hard in combat and can use the Moment Shackle to do it all again. He can down vehicles, Terminators and Tyranid monsters with relative ease.

The Vexilla Defensor is very handy when you remember to use it. You can get a lot of Guardsmen units within that 9″ bubble. Guardsmen that usually evaporate from enemy fire stay that little bit longer.

I do not feel like I need to add to this force of Custodians, what I have fills a role and does it well. Jetbikes would be nice, but that feels like a step too far into the world of the Golden Boys.

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