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Astra Militarum Tactics

Bullgryn Tactics

Note: I have a new article about Bullgryns Tactics in 8th edition! Element Games managed to make me buy a box of three Bullgryns by running their recent birthday competition. I didn’t win. When I first read the rules on these guys I got very excited and thought of a few uses for them. But now I find myself with three of these big fellas [...]


Second Hand Models

What your thoughts on second hand models? I don’t mean commissioned paint jobs or models you buy for the pro paint job. I mean models that are used, badly painted, base coated or part built rejects.   Coming into the hobby after a long break has been interesting. Back when I gave it up eBay was just starting out and that’s [...]


Making a 6ft x 4ft Table Top Gaming Board

My current table is just my dining room table, it’s 5ft x 3ft and far too small for games. Even smaller games like Kill Team or 500pt games seem to need around 4ft square. So I needed a new board to play on. Storage is a big deal, simply having a huge piece of hardboard wouldn’t work as it’s too big to store anywhere in my [...]