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Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts

Let us take a look at some Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts...

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I’ve been recently growing my Instagram following by finding and following more Warhammer related accounts. During this quest, I’ve discovered so many new people, many with very few followers. So I thought I would spread the love and share some Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts that are perhaps not as well known.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to make some sort of public service announcement. If you find something cool on Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or on a blog – share it by linking to it. Don’t screenshot it with no reference or credit to the original creator.

This hasn’t happened to me but I see it a lot. It’s just plain rude.

Also, something I’ve noticed by doing this is that by reaching out to people and telling them I’m doing this – I might just make their day. Something that can’t happen if you screenshot an image and re-post it.

Rant end.

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My Top 10 Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts

And so here are my top 10, but in no particular order, Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts.


Cadian Sergeant Steel wrote the Artillery series you’ll find on this blog. It is a great series and continues to drive traffic to the blog.

On his Instagram, he has photos of his finished models, WIP models and battles. It’s all very lovely.

cadian_sergeant_steel Tanks!

cadian_sergeant_steel Tanks!


Cadian 8th doesn’t post a lot but when they do – it’s great. Check out their Armies on Parade scene!


More Cadian goodness from Cadia Lives. There are lots of battle photos further down the feed which all look fantastic.

Cadian 8th posts pretty regularly so, check them out.

cadia_lives Leman Russ

cadia_lives Leman Russ


Cadian Glory has a fair few models that compliment the Guard; Priests, Crusaders, Psykers, Astropaths, Ratlings, Bullgryns and more!


The Orphan of Cadia (great name by the way) has mostly Astra Militarum photos with some Scions thrown in.

They’re building up a sizeable force. One to watch as the Orphans grow and grow.

I have some words from The Orphan;

Well I started playing when I was younger with 2nd edition. I fell off as I grew older but this summer I lost my daughter. But painting has really helped fill the hours. I’m from Toronto Ontario Canada and proud of it!

I have to say that I was not expecting to hear such a hard story here – but it is great that painting can help and be therapeutic. I hope that happier times are on their way brother…

the_orphan_of_cadia Guardsmen in trouble

the_orphan_of_cadia Guardsmen in trouble


Prominusiv’s photos are very well taken. Especially the ones taken during games. They have a good mix of content including terrain pieces that are finished to an excellent standard.

Their Ash Waste (Tallarn) model’s look superb. Really, must resist, buying Tallarn models from eBay…


Chainsword Charlie has some stunning minis on their account. The photos are really well taken and just make me want to get painting an up my game.

chainswordcharlie Command Squad

chainswordcharlie Command Squad


Commissar Brixx is relatively new to Instagram so doesn’t have many photos. But those that are present are very nice indeed. And it’s nice to see some other colours for the Astra Militarum.

commissarbrixx Leman Russ

commissarbrixx Leman Russ


Some Cadian style painting from Praise the Paintssiah. Loving the counts as Yarrick model. Very well don’t indeed.


Lateksimajava has some great pieces of Astra Militarum on their account. Loving those homemade objective markers. And those Leman Russ are to die for.

Honourable Mentions for Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts

Here are some extras that have less Astra Militarum stuff, but the stuff they do have is superb!


Grim Grin has some Astra Militarum in their feed recently which is what drew me to their account. I’m loving the weathering effect on that Sentinel. I hope there is plenty more to come.

I have some words from Grim Grin;

Well I started to collect and paint almost a year ago ( give or take few months) because we played dawn of war with my brother. My first painted miniatures were Tau but then i switched over to AoS. Played a few games, but then a friend of mine got me into 40k. Bought grey knights, played a few games then i made a 2k army out of Tau. After that, astra militarum peaked my interest and here I am :D

So ive been playing for a year but really painting for few months.

I like Astra because they are just normal men and women fighting for the humanity.

grimgrin_miniatures Sentinel

grimgrin_miniatures Sentinel


Dead As Salvar has some Astra Militarum and then various other pieces. I mainly visit for the dirty, gritty and real finish on the models. Edge highlights and clean lines are fine, but this stuff is proper mucky.

dead_as_savlar Taurox

dead_as_savlar Taurox


You know when you’re in the shower and think has there ever been an Astra Militarum force that is green and purple and whose Psykers have octopus heads – well, yes there has! Wscherick has this very thing!

And then there is me – Cadian Shock Instagram.

Barrel Drilling

Barrel Drilling

And that is it for this Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts article.

All photos used with permission from their respective owners.

Inspiring Astra Militarum Instagram Accounts
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