New Techniques & Methods

New Techniques & Methods

In 2019 I have tried many new methods and techniques, let us take a look...

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I briefly wanted to talk about trying new techniques for the hobby and how I’ve recently come to embrace trying something new on every project I’m doing. I hope this article helps someone try something new, that is its main purpose.

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As a human, a blogger and a hobbyist I sometimes get little thoughts pop into my mind about what to write about. I mean that’s just how our minds work. I’ll flesh them out in my mind and if it comes to nothing it doesn’t get written.

Other thoughts get created into a draft on my blog ready for my thoughts later to see if it turns into something of use. About half of such posts get binned eventually as I can’t form them into anything of worth.

This article nearly went that way. Until Adam on Tabletop Minions made a video about the 90/10 rule.


In this video, Adam talks about spending 90% of your time doing and 10% of your time learning. Wise words. By learning he means spending time learning about painting techniques, eg watching YouTube videos, browsing Instagram or reading blogs about painting methods.

I seem to be accidentally doing this recently. I’ll spend some time learning about a technique such as wet blending or using pigments. Then spend a load of time using the method. I’ve found this has helped a lot in improving my painting and the final finished model.

New Techniques in 2019

Doing a bit of learning and then a lot of doing has helped me learn a few new methods. I’m no pro at these new methods but we all have to start somewhere. I bet there was a day when even Duncan did one thick coat – I wrote that as a draft before Contrast, haha – before he did many thin coats. Although he’s probably come full circle now and does one thick coat.

But joking aside I’ve recently done the following…

Also, if you’re looking for new methods to try please do check out Miniature Hobby Tutorials. It is a great site and has links to many different new techniques for veterans and new painters.

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