Cadian Shock is 5 Years Old

Cadian Shock is 5 Years Old

This blog turned 5 on March 22nd 2019 - I cannot believe I am still going!

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I can’t really believe I have been writing this┬áCadian Shock blog for five years now. As of March 22nd, it’s five years old. I can’t believe I have kept it up this long and that it gets the readership that it does!

I feel like there might be a lot of long-time lurkers here. That is to say, people that read this blog but don’t necessarily comment here, or on Facebook or on Twitter or on Instagram.

I do get a fair number of questions via the chat too which is nice.

I want to say a massive thank to all my readers and commenters, without you I certainly would not be still blogging and I may not have made it this far into my Warhammer 40,000 adventure.

Never miss an article?

The number of readers is always increasing but the number of comments often stays about the same. Which is fine by me! As long as people keep reading my words I’ll keep writing them.

8th Edition

Now 8th is well and truly established I’ll take a moment to reflect on that fact…

Reflection, done.

I do really enjoy 8th and my mind struggles to even remember any aspect of 7th, hit rolls needed to be calculated in your mind from BS and vehicles worked very differently from other types of units. I don’t miss 7th.

Sometimes I feel that 8th is heading into the same complex mess of 7th. Now we have all the Codexes it is now as difficult as it was with 7th to know where to start. Especially now we have the Vigilus Campaign coming out too. Plus a new Apocalypse box of some sort.

It’s like Games Workshop builds towards a complete set of Codexes and Campaigns and then hits reset in an attempt to calm the cries of complexity.

I didn’t feel this was such a pain for me in 7th. I wasn’t that invested. But now, it would be horrid to have the game reset in the name of simplification.

Diversification of Cadian Shock

This brings me neatly onto the diverse force I now have for my Imperium army. Because of this diverse force having 8th ripped from under my feet would be a big deal. Books and iBooks would become mostly useless overnight which doesn’t sit well with me.

If you stay mono Codex then this isn’t such a big deal. But now I have so many different Imperium forces any change in rules comes at a hefty cost. A cost I didn’t consider when getting;

I’m not saying I think this will happen soon just that it may do. And having been in the hobby five years now this would be a big deal for me.

Such is the price of improving and growing an army in 40K.

Custodians in action

Custodians in action


With all this diversification I have somewhat come to neglect my Cadians. I just finished 12 more for Squaduary but was late, so they’ve had a little boost.

What with my Catachan Hellhounds, Catachan Cyclops and Catachan Infantry, my Cadians haven’t had a look in recently.

But now I have 60 Valhallans to paint I’ll alternate between those and something Cadian. So maybe do five Valhallans and then something Cadian, then five more Valhallans, etc.

It’ll give me a break from painting white and grey and also grow my Cadians.

Valhallan WIP

Valhallan WIP

Play Painted

Last year I made the decision to only play with painted models. This was mainly down to playing Mark’s Death Guard. He only plays painted and this inspired me to do the same and paint more. So thanks, Mark! Mark’s blog is called Plague Gardening.

It makes such a difference to the games having only painted models. It’s taken me long enough to get to this point!



Through The Years

For those of you who are new and just starting out, here are six photos – one from each year that I’ve been blogging. Note that I’ve been blogging for five years and playing five years. So this is a little glimpse into my history of the hobby. Hopefully, it’ll inspire some new players to take up their weapons and their paint brushes against the enemies of Mankind.

And if you’ve made it this far, feel free to ask me anything in the comments…