Top Content for 2018

Top Content for 2018

A look at the top content on this blog for 2018...

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I thought it might be interesting, to some of my readers at least, to share which articles were the post popular on this blog in 2018.

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2018 has been a great year for the Cadian Shock blog. Last year, in 2017 it had 70,000 pages views. But in 2018 that has been smashed, 2018 had 190,000 page views! Which is pretty amazing for a blog on a niche hobby that focuses mainly on only one specific force.

Most of the articles are tactics based or summaries of a specific list type – which I suppose is also tactics. This is good to see and not a surprise really. If you been into the Astra Militarum for five minutes then you’ll be interested in Astra Militarum Tactics. And if you’ve been collecting a force for five years you’ll still be interested in their tactics. Tactics can always be learnt and your understanding improved up. But I’m no expert – not by a long way.

Big thanks to Guard Daddy for the top article! This article about Astra Militarum Infantry is still pulling in traffic to this day. And it’s 10 months old!

And a big thanks for Cadian Sergeant Steel’s Artillery articles that performed very well and are very useful. I’m not surprise one of them is in the top 5. And the others also make up some of the top 10 too! Great work!

With tactics and lists written about so much in 2018 for 8th Edition it’s hard to see what 2019 will be filled with. You can only say so much about Infantry lists or Bullgryns. The new Specialist Detachments will give me some ideas to think about and words to write. But not a whole year’s worth?

And we may not see anymore for the Astra Militarum. There is another campaign book coming but we’ve already got four Specialist Detachments while many other forces have zero. It seems unlikely we’ll see more for the Guard.

I do still need to write about those detachments. But I’ve not had the time yet. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it?

I mean – they’ve been written about already, I’m sure and have had videos made about them.

Do I really need to add in my 2 pence?

Well the answer is maybe, probably. I enjoy writing articles and digesting the rules. It helps me make sense of them and improve myself. It also gives me an opportunity to hear from others and get their input too.

I also think that I’m just a normal gamer. I’m no pro, I’m casual and play mainly for fun. Winning is nice of course and I want my lists to be effective – without being cheese. So I think it’s important to comment on new releases from a real gamers perspective and not from a Win At All Costs perspective.

Finally, I put the success of this blog down to that fact too. It’s a real blog, from a real person. I’m not all about winning and probably play in a similar style to manner other people. This proves popular because it’s relatable. I say the blog is a success, for me it is. I remember when it started and I got less than 10 views a week.

So its pretty amazing to me to that I am where I am now with this blog! Look forward to seeing you in 2019!