Hobby Streak – Road to 1,000 Days

Hobby Streak – Road to 1,000 Days

All aboard the Hobby Streak train, 900 to 1,000 days!

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And so, another Hobby Streak of 100 days is completed; this one took me from August 17th to November 26th.

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1,000 Days on a Hobby Streak

My goals were…

  • More Iron Warriors – Done!
  • A Cadian vehicle – Done!
  • Start my new diorama project – Done!

Completed Models During the Last 100 Days

There are 15 models.

I have painted 130 points for my 40K army, ten Marines and two Dreadnoughts for my 30K Iron Warriors.

My Other Hobby Streaks

What Is Next?

  • Krieg Veteran Kill Team
  • Ork Kill Team for a friend
  • More Iron Warrior Tactical Marines


A log of all progress during this Hobby Streak…