20 Valhallans Completed

20 Valhallans Completed

The Valhallans grow with 20 new recruits...

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Before doing this current batch my completed Valhallans sit at 10 Guardsmen, a Company Commander, a Plasma Gun guy and 6 Missile Launchers.

And now with this current batch completed I now have an extra 2 Company Commanders and another 20 regular Guardsmen. All the regular Guardsmen are from Reptilian Overlords.

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The total tally is now 40 Valhallans Done! Rejoice! That’s a Battalion ready for battle. I’m well on my way now to a Brigade! Also, stay tuned and make you subscribe because there will be a battle report with these newly completed Valhallans very soon!

These new Valhallans used the same scheme as my first batch. I did the bases differently though, with Snow Crackle Paste. I did this because it was quicker, and with so many models to do, any time saving is really needed.

But these new bases are very clean compared with the painting style I have gone for on the Valhallan models. OK, so they might be advancing over fresh snow from a muddy reinforced position – hence why they are muddy and the snow is clean.

To try and counter this massive contrast I bit I got some extra bits from Green Stuff World to put onto the bases. Some new white tufts of grass, brown tufts and I also started to add some barbed wire, boxes, etc. Just to break up the white of the snow.

Did it turn out OK?

Valhallan Gallery

20 Valhallans Completed

20 Valhallans Completed

Freehand Hazard Stripes – First Try

I also tried my first freehand hazard stripes. I have done them being using tape. But I wanted to give this a go freehand. I started with several thin layers of yellow which worked out well. Then used Tamiya Mini XF-1 for the black. I used a size 0 brush from Artis Opus’ S Series for doing the stripes of black over the yellow.

Freehand Hazard Stripes Completed

These are the stripes I did on the first Commander before I washed the whole sword with Nuln Oil.

Completed Valhallan Company Commanders

And this is the final outcome. The second one came out a little better I think that the first?

Valhallan Company Commanders

Valhallan Company Commanders