Crackle Paste for Snow/Ice Bases
Posted By Jake

Crackle Paste for Snow/Ice Bases

A 10 minute video on Crackle Paste for Snow/Ice Bases

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Today I just wanted to show you readers, who perhaps to do not frequent social media that much, a video tutorial I put together about using Crackle Paste for Snow/Ice Bases.

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The product is Golden Crackle Paste and can be found on eBay.

I am happy with the effect and now I have nailed the process it will be faster than my previous process.

I guess the big question now is…

Do I re-do the 16 or so Valhallans I have already done?

This is how they turned out…

Crackle Paste for Snow/Ice Bases Video

If you plan on using this product then do watch this video, learn from my errors and journey!

The process as a quick over goes something like this;

  1. Paint your bases blue.
  2. Mix the Crackle Paste with water to make it easier to spread – it also makes it easier to get a flat finish.
  3. Wait for the product to dry at room temperature for at least 24 hours.
  4. Pin the model to the base.
  5. Apply grass tufts as required.

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