Valhallan Missile Launchers Completed

Valhallan Missile Launchers Completed

Another few models done!

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My Valhallan Missile Launchers are Done! Yeah! In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a massive amount of work. It’s six guys out of 60. But that’s still a 10% leap in the right direction.

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With these six done, my initial ten and a single Plasma guy I’m now 28.3% done on my Valhallan Infantry.

The bases took more time than the actual infantry models. I’m happy with the results and I tried another new technique!

This time it was a rusted/corroded metal plate. It was good practice for my Valhallan vehicles that will happen although not soon.

I used Dryad Bark and Mephiston Red to make a red/brown paint to sponge onto the plate. I then used a brush to fill in areas and give some scratches.

A highlight was applied to the lower edges by mixing white with my red/brown colour. And the black to the upper edges. I used orange very subtly and lightly in the centre of the bigger areas and some of the edges. Even this ended up being too bright so I dialled it back by using Agrax Earthshade.

As a first try, I am happy although I want to improve it before using it on vehicles. I may do some armour plates on my infantry models as further tests.

Armour Plate – Gallery

Valhallan Missile Launchers – Gallery

Valhallan Missile Launchers – Bases

The bases used the following components;

Basing Gallery