Valhallan Commander Completed

Valhallan Commander Completed

The first of 2 or 3 Valhallan Commanders is now done...

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I’ve completed another character – this time my Valhallan Company Commander! The model is Major Brokk from Artel W.

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Major Brokk from Artel W

This model is superb. Certainly on par with Games Workshop’s models and in some ways better.

There were almost no mould lines to remove or little bits of plastic in places they shouldn’t be. There was one noticeable join line on the cloak which was easily filled with liquid green stuff.

Such a line is probably unavoidable. But it’s on the back of the cloak in a nice, straight and accessible line. So it’s easy to deal with.

The sword is fairly thin which makes it a great looking sword. But it could be snapped accidents with ease. I didn’t do this luckily. But I came close. I guess this is just part of the risk of having such a nice model.

The base is ever so slightly thicker than the Games Workshop 25mm bases. This isn’t an issue at all. But if you want your bases to all to be exactly the same as a Games Workshop base, then use a Games Workshop 25mm base.

I think that’s all I can say about the model. The paint went on fine, stuck fine and has stayed stuck.

Valhallan Commander – Painting

I struggled a bit with this guy. I had my colours from the first ten Valhallans, which was mainly a grey/white/ muddy coat.

I’d do the coat the same for the Commander but wasn’t sure about the rest of the model. I had no highlighting colours on the other models so I could use anything.

I went for red after a poll on Instagram gave me a few suggestions. Tan was another option but thought it might be too muted. I’d want him to stand out a little amongst his comrades.

I’m really liking the gold trim. It seems so over the top for 40K. My other Valhallans, Cadians and Catachans are all earthy colours. Then there is this gold which says

I’m here and I’m important

I could imagine this guy being a right idiot when it actually comes to battles! All the gear and no idea.

Valhallan Commander – Process Gallery

Valhallan Commander – Completed