Painting Catachan Tanks

Painting Catachan Tanks

Something different from my Cadians today...

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I’ve begun my Catachan regiment already! After saying it might be a few months! I saw a couple of Hellhounds on eBay for £20 and one on a Facebook group for £25 and thought I’d make the plunge. Now I have begun, it’s time to look at painting Catachan tanks!

Forgeworld also has free shipping on orders over £75 so I grabbed three Cyclops Demolition vehicles too.

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So now I have a Catachan Vanguard Detachment and a Spearhead Detachment. HQs could be a Tank Commander at some point in the future or a Commissar or Primaris Psyker for now.

I was unsure what yellow/tan colour to use. But after some discussion on Twitter, I went with XV-88. I needed something different to set them apart from my Cadians.

Classic GW Catachan Chimera- Painting Catachan Tanks

Classic GW Catachan Chimera- Painting Catachan Tanks

While the Cathan Chimera above is nice, it’s not something I was trying to emulate. I just wanted my Catachans to be noticeably varied from my Cadians.

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The Green

Like my Cadians, I started with Castellan Green through the airbrush. I then used Loren Forest over the top to lighten the whole scheme, again via the airbrush. So it should be lighter than my Cadians as they only use Castellan Green.

Castallen Green is done - Painting Catachan Tanks

Castallen Green is done – Painting Catachan Tanks

The Tan

I then used XV-88 through the airbrush to create the splotches. I’m not going to crisp them up though with a brush, which I do with my Cadians.

Instead, I’ll leave them as faded areas of tan colour. I think it works pretty well. I was going to add areas/stripes of black.

But I’m unsure now because it might just look too busy?

XV-88 is done - Painting Catachan Tanks

XV-88 is done – Painting Catachan Tanks

To Do – Painting Catachan Tanks

So left to do is basically everything else.

On the Cyclops, that’ll be easy. The fastest 180 points I’ve ever painted!

For the Hellhounds, once I get all the details done and they are less of a generic green and tan, they’ll look great.

I think I am going to make the front side sections on both the Cyclops and the Hellhounds red. To make them stand out a little more from my Cadians. Possibly highlight in Loren Forest a little aggressively too – to brighten the whole model.

Can’t wait to use them!

There is also an article somewhere around here about Cadian Camo.

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