Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion Completed

Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion Completed

My first 30K Iron Warriors HQ!

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

This is my second completed Iron Warriors model and the first HQ – an Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion. I loved doing this guy. He was so different from anything I had ever done before. The planning of the conversion and making it was the most fun. Figuring out what models would work from other models in the Games Workshop range was a challenge and a joy.

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Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion – 360° Video


Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion – Bits

I used my Iron Warriors recipe from my first Iron Warrior for this Warsmith and my Martian Base recipe.

The various bits are;

  • Age of Darkness Poweraxe Preator.
  • Primaris Techmarine Servo arm and Bolter.
  • Cadian Meltagun with the handle removed and then attached to the Bolter.
  • Warpsmith tentacle arms, head and hammer’s head.
  • Meltabomb from eBay.

I used springs for the neck to get it to the right height. You cannot see them, which is fine, but had you been able to see the coils. They would have fit with the look of the Warsmith.

Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion – Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox.

The Knack of the Hazard Stripe

As I continue down this road of heresy into painting my new Iron Warriors force, I am trying to get the right amount of hazard stripes on each model.

You can see from the below images I first had the Bolter painted in hazard stripes, but I removed this after receiving feedback from a group of friends on the matter.

Too strong on the stripes, Jake!

So I pulled it back and made the Boler black. The hazards are also much more in your face without all the weathering – which helps tone them down and make them less of a focal point once the model is finished.

I have a lot on this Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion, but I have tried to ensure no facing is over the top with hazard stripes. The whole underside of the cloak is a hazard stripe, but it’s heavily weathered. All the other pieces are small and often angeled and not directly facing forwards or to the side.

Anyway, in short, I have found less is more sometimes with these stripes – yes, Iron Warriors have them and indeed have them more than any other Space Marine. But I still need to be careful with the quantity I paint on each model.

Iron Warriors Warsmith Conversion – WIP Gallery

Not many, I am afraid!