Martian Bases using Martian Ironearth and Ironcrust
Posted By Jake

Martian Bases using Martian Ironearth and Ironcrust

A quick basing how-to today for you...

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I have started my Iron Warriors Horus Heresy army, and the first thing to nail is the basing; I also find it very fun, so I had a blast doing these Martian Bases.

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Martian Rocks

The rocks are from my garden, painted with Tuskgor Fur and the same wash and dry brushing process shown below for the rest of the base.

Martian bases

Without and then with rocks

Martian Bases

  • Base black
  • Doombull Brown layer
  • Martian Ironearth and Martian Ironcrust – let it dry
  • Wash with Reikland Fleshshade – let it dry
  • Dry brush with Tuskgor Fur
  • Dry brush with Jokaero Orange
  • Dry brush with Ushabti Bone
  • Dark red/rust pigment

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