Iron Warriors Tactical Marines Completed

Iron Warriors Tactical Marines Completed

First squad done!

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

My first ten Iron Warriors Tactical Marines, are done! There are many more to come, at least 50 I should think. Next on the list for my 30K Iron Warriors are 2x Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

Tactical Marines, Warsmith & Siege Breaker

Tactical Marines, Warsmith & Siege Breaker

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Updated Iron Warriors Tactical Marines Methods

I have documented the entire process in my First Iron Warrior Completed article. I have updated that article slightly to include some new methods used on these models. Mainly for my own sanity when I return to doing more Iron Warriors.

This included;

  • Blending from wet Fenrisian Grey to wet Dark Reaper and then into wet Abaddon Black on the shoulders.
  • Agrax Earthashade was used as a wash over the stripe. I then used a damp brush to pull the wash back towards the edges, leaving a bright yellow in the middle.
  • It is probably not worth using putty on the bullet holes, on these small models.

Green OSL

I have used this method before, on a Necron I think. And that went OK.

I revisted the technique again using Vallejo Fluorescent Green and Vallejo White.

  • I first applied several thin layers of the green, building it up where it looked right – effectivly glazing.
  • This was scary, doing it on a basically completed model.
  • Once it looked OK I edge highlighted the shoulder in white and did some spots of white on the armour.
  • I then glazed over this white with green and applied the green neat at the very edges to give it the brightness.
  • I then glazed green on the furthest away edges from the plasma pistol, like the left shoulder’s Iron Warriors skull, just below the skull and under his bicep.
  • That last step I think completed it, that slight, fate hint just made it worked.
  • Then I stopped before I went too far

The actual plasma pistol was done using;

  • Firstly it was based in white.
  • Green glaze all over the white and nearly the whole pistol.
  • Let that dry.
  • Glaze white back into the lowest points of the ridges.

Iron Warriors Tactical Marines – Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox.

Iron Warriors Tactical Marines – 360° Video


Iron Warriors Tactical Marines Basing

The basing got an article of its own, Iron Warriors Martian Bases. I was really happy with these, especially on the model with the pigments on his legs. This photo below does not do them justice at all. I give myself a 9/10 here.

Martian bases

Iron Warriors Tactical Marines – WIP Gallery

My first idea for basing was grey urban rubble, I could not make it work. So went for Martian.