Necron Overlord Completed

Necron Overlord Completed

A Xeno! A Necron Overlord! Don't tell my Cadians!

Approximate Reading Time: 4 minutes

I have had this Necron Overlord for months now, it is a friend’s son’s model, and I was asked to paint it. So here we are. He is done! This is my first Necron ever and my Xeno model in a long time; my┬álast was Zagstruk – six years ago! The Necron Overlord was given to me, built and sprayed Leadbelcher, so that was my starting point. The other models in this army are also Leadbelcher with hints of green – this was something I was going to stick with.

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OK, I would have stuck to it until I decided to use the Metal Color Copper from Vallejo on him! He still has a lot of Leadbelcher on him, and he is a Character, so he needs to stand out. Right? Right! I say he – are Necron Overlords male? Are any Necrons male or female? Who knows.

The Metal Color range from Vallejo is amazing. I have Burnt Iron, Copper, Gold and Aluminium – and oh my! They are really, really good. So much better than the Games Workshop metallic paints. They are so bright and shiny. Which better coverage too. They are a little more money for a pot, but the pots are bigger, and I think they will last me years!

Necron Overlord Base

Necron Overlord Base

Necron Overlord Base

This base is such low effort and such high reward using Mordant Earth. The steps are this simple;

  1. Cover with Yellow, Red and Orange – wait for it to dry
  2. Cover with Mordant Earth
  3. Wait a day or so
  4. Done

You can do other things to get bigger cracks or smaller cracks or make the underside of the black Mordant Earth orange too. There were many suggestions on my Reddit post for this process from other users. Check out the comments for ideas.

My First OSL – The Necron Orbs

I tried something completely new here on this Necron Overlord, which was very much a learning exercise on the orb. I started with Moot Green and some White Scar lines on the Orb. Then went and covered it in Mordant Earth – to see what would happen. If it was awful, then I can flake the Mordant Earth off easily enough.

Vallejo Green Fluorescent

Vallejo Green Fluorescent

But it turned out well, and it was something I could work with, I felt. I then highlighted the black Mordant Earth very carefully and decided to try OSL (Object Source Lighting) from the orb onto the arm. This was ambitious as I have never done this before – but I am always trying to improve… so here goes!

For the OSL technique, I used this simple video for OSL for Beginners from Next Level Painting. This glazing video from Next Level Painting was also useful for seeing how thin you can go with a glaze to slowly build up colours.

The paints I used were;

After some discussion on the Necron Facebook Group regarding my Necron Overlord, a couple of people recommended Vallejo Green Fluorescent paint to really get a pop from the orb and its light. Thanks, Ken and Rob! Do not tell the Commissar I am a member of the Necron Facebook Group. So after waiting a few days for the post – I got my hands on some Vallejo Green Fluorescent and went back to the model.

This stuff is amazing! It feels like it should be illegal. It is so vibrant!

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