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Zagstruk Ork Warboss, Secret Santa – Final Update

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So its finally completed! My Xmas Secret Santa for Resin Junkie! After three months of no painting, no hobby and  just a few games I have managed to find a whole day to complete the model, make a short video, write this and hopefully tomorrow post it!

Video I here you say, yes! Just a little something to show how the model magnetises and to show off my model from Resin Junkie too, Shrike. Video isn’t my thing so if its terrible I do apologise.

The video and the photos I don’t think the model justice. I have tried various lighting methods but have not got anything I am happy with yet. The real proof I will have to wait for from Resin Junkie.

Zagstruk Video


Zagstruk Ork Warboss, Secret Santa – Final Update
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