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Accidental Hiatus

I’ve taken somewhat of a hiatus recently, purely by accident. After nearly a week off work with Glastonbury, then a game of 40K and a load of building (2 Wyverns and a Leman Russ) I’ve not really been in the mood for writing or creating content. Plus I’ve just finished the latest in my social media series which took up a [...]


5 Hobby Motivators to Start 2015

A new year means new projects and back to work! So we need motivating! The Christmas cheer and New Year spirits have now passed and we are all enjoying being back at work. To help yourself along this first week back you should do some hobby! Here are some of my top motivators for getting stuck into hobby this first working week of 2015!


Blog – The End of 2014 & Motivation

Its been around a year since I restarted my hobby. I have had a flurry of blog articles over the last few weeks, one about Weapon Skill which was mainly me voicing my thoughts, and then two story based articles. This has gotten me back on track with writing content and doing some hobby bits. The last article I wrote before this was on November [...]