Catachan Colonel Completed

Catachan Colonel Completed

The limited-edition Catachan Colonel is now completed, I am happy with him!

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

This is my Catachan Colonel who has taken me a while and is the first model I have completed for my own army since June 2020, after doing the Desert Guardsman and Desert Baneblade.

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I decided to ditch the plants that come on the base and instead opted for some more realistic moss from Rival Crafts, which I loved! I have some more stuff from there to use in the future. The moss will work really well on bigger bases I think, like say, Sentinels. I have grass tufts too to use which will go well on the Cadian bases that I want to rebase.

Catachan Colonel Completed Gallery

The Bloody Sword

The bloody sword I did with the same technique as my Eversor Assassin’s hand, shown below. I used my own hair. This time I used two-pieces to create a sort of triangle down from the blade tip towards the box. This gave a good framework to place the Blood for the Blood God paint on from Games Workshop. Them there I just dripped it down the hair and onto the box and then off the box a little using a 000 brush.

Eversor Assassin's Bloody Hand

Eversor Assassin’s Bloody Hand

Catachan Colonel WIP Gallery #1

Here are all my WIP photos, although most are of the head/face.

The Face

Catachan Colonel WIP Gallery #2

These photos are portrait, and do not fit well into the above gallery – hence they get their own little gallery here…

Welcome to the Guard! Catachan Colonel Completed

Welcome to the Guard! Catachan Colonel Completed

Head Wear

I have started to use a hands-free light and magnifier to paint with from Amazon, and its a game changer! I kept getting ads for them on Instagram, you know the sort. They were marketed well but were priced at about £35 – which seemed a lot. Then I would get another ad, the same product but from another company – apparently, but now it was maybe £30. OK, I see where this is going. This is just a cheap product that is being marketed well at a large markup – it’s maybe called Drop Shipping?

So I headed to Amazon to see how much they actually were, at £13 this seemed a lot better and if they turned out to be terrible I had not wasted three times that amount.

But, they were not terrible. They are very good. Even just the light is handy! It takes 3x AAA batteries and lasts several hours. The magnifier is really handy too, it’s not for every model and every detail, but for some areas, it was very helpful.

Head wear