Desert Camo Baneblade - Commission Painting
Commission Painting

Desert Camo Baneblade – Commission Painting

The Desert Camo Baneblade is completed!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

This Desert Camo Baneblade is my second commission piece for Proteus Bunker – which is my venture into commission painting for Astra Militarum models.

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Desert Camo Baneblade – Completed Gallery

Desert Camo Baneblade – WIP Gallery

This is every WIP photo I took of this Desert Camo Baneblade – so you can see its full journey from grey plastic to completed super heavy fighting for the Emperor!

Oil Paint Method on a Desert Camo Baneblade

The oil painting method I used here is called Oil Paint Rendering and is covered in full in the most excellent Tank Art Vol. 1 Book by Michael Rinaldi. A very loose version of the process is shown in the below series of photos. Oil paints are hard, they do not act like the regular paints we are used to using from Games Workshop. It’s like learning all over again – but the results can be fantastic. The result here is good, I am happy and the client is happy. But I want to do more with oil paints and keep improving with them.

Desert Camo Baneblade – Spray Paint

The how-to for the camo pattern I did with spray paint rattle cans for this Desert Camo Baneblade can be found in the Spray Paint Camo article. I used Zandri Dust from Games Workshop and Chaotic Red from Army Painter.