Desert Guardsman Camo Scheme -
Commission Painting

Desert Guardsman Camo Scheme – “Choc-Chip” Camo

Want to eat a model? Don't. But with a "Choc-Chip" camo scheme you may well want to!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

Well, this is my very first commission painted model for Protesus Bunker – a single Desert Guardsman Camo Scheme.

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For all my work at Proteus Bunker I will write up the paint scheme here on Cadian Shock – if the client approves.

Desert camo pattern provided by the client

Desert camo pattern provided by the client

Paints Used – Desert Guardsman

The following list is all the main colours I used to complete this Astra Militarum Guardsman;

The hardest part is doing the dark brown patches using Rhinox Hide, as you need to paint them as distinct areas. The black and white spots were pretty easy once I learnt how to do it and not think too hard about it. They are random after all.

Going back to the black and white helped too, to get the look right.

A bit more white here, then more black to cover it, back to white…


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