Blood Drips using Hair - Eversor Assassin

Blood Drips using Hair – Eversor Assassin

Blood drips using my own hair. Gross? A bit. Great effect? I think so!

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

My Eversor is completed along with his blood drips using my own hair and Blood for the Blood God Technical paint from Games Workshop.

Blood Drips using Hair

Blood Drips using Hair

The comments and attention this got on Reddit was absolutely mind-blowing. I can not believe how many people must have seen this model. Thanks for all your kind, weird and metal AF comments!

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I saw this idea years ago. I’ve no idea where but I put it to the back of my mind and just kept hold of it. I just remember…

Use hair for blood drips

How to actually do this was just made up as I went along. This is how it went…

Blood Drips from Hair

So yeah, hair. I guess the main reason is that it’s thin. It’s also free, probably. People did comment about using fishing line or fly fishing line. Also, melted transparent flight stands that are stretched out to be thin. I guess those can work. But using your own hair is different, right!?

UHU glue works too I’ve heard.

My hair is long at the moment, about four months or so growth due to lockdown. It’s a bit curly, but not very.

I started by taking a piece of hair a few inches long and super glueing it to the finger of the Eversor. The hair will have the Blood for the Blood God paint on it and it’ll give it a nice thin thing to stick too.

I then repeated glueing hair onto the other fingers until I had enough. It’s easier to glue a long piece and then cut some off than trying to deal with tiny hairs.

Applying Paint

Once they are glued and cut, I started applying Blood for the Blood God with a knife. I used a knife as it had a thin tip o could easily control and put the paint onto the hair. It worked well and I was able to shift the paint around on the hair too with the knife.

Add paint to the hairs and move it around until it looks right. It’ll take some practice to get right. You don’t want a hair end showing, always end with a drip.

The paint will clog and dry a bit like blood – which is good! The heat we have here in the U.K. at present probably helps with that drying and clogging too.

As the paint dries you can move the hair and get it in the right place. Hopefully, you can see the big difference in positioning from the above photos, when its just been glued on, to the below photos.

Blood Drips – Finishing Touches

Once dry you’re done! Your blood drips from hair are complete! Mine is very delicate and I don’t know how long it’ll last. But it’s fairly easy to do and then do again, when the need arises.

The other materials mentioned above may be stronger and worth a try if you’re worried about breakages.

I finished my Eversor off with an Agrellen Earth base and some blood splats using a TePe brush. It was hard to line up, but once I had the line correct from his hand, it worked well and came out very nicely.

Blood Drips from Hair, Eversor, Gallery

And here he is, in all his bloody glory!