Cadians vs Blood Angels - 2,000 Points - 10th Edition
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Cadians vs Blood Angels – 2,000 Points – 10th Edition

My second game of Warhammer 40K 10th Edition!

Approximate Reading Time: 6 minutes

This is my second game of Warhammer 40K 10th Edition, Cadians vs Blood Angels.

At the time of writing, a few weeks after this game, I am now up to playing three Warhammer 40K 10th Edition games. With each game, I progressively got better and enjoyed it more. The first was against Genestealer Cult, and the third was against Imperial Knights.

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This game was at Boards and Swords in Derby.

Cadians 2,000 Points List

You can check how I made the Index pictured below: Wire Ring Binder for Index Cards.

Unit 1

  • Creed
  • Platoon Command Squad with Drill Commander and Master Vox, Medipack an Autocannon
  • 10x Infantry with a Plasma Gun, Vox and an Autocannon

Unit 2

  • Lord Solar Leontus
  • Platoon Command Squad with Grand Strategist and Master Vox, Medipack a Lascannon
  • 10x Infantry with a Plasma Gun, Vox and a Lascannon

Unit 3

  • 10x Cadian Shock Troops in a Chimera with a Plasma Gun, Vox, and Melta Gun

Unit 4

  • 10x Cadian Shock Troops in a Chimera with a Plasma Gun, Vox, and Melta Gun

None Infantry

  • 3x Armoured Sentinels with Missile Launchers and Hunter Killer Missiles
  • Leman Russ Exterminator with Lascannon and Heavy Bolters
  • Leman Russ Battle Cannons with Lascannon and Multi Meltas
  • 3x Punisher Leman Russ with Heavy Bolters
  • A Vindicare Assassin

You can see my complete list on Google Sheets.

Blood Angels

Only War – Mission


I used the flags I recently painted for the objective markers. The clear ones I usually use are in my old Codex, and I keep forgetting to remove them from there; on the bookshelf and put them in my new Warhammer 40K Rulebook.

Lord Solar placed the three Leman Russ Punishers into Strategic Reserve using his post-deployment ability.

Cadians – Turn 1

I would not see a lot at all during this first turn.

The Scout Sentinels got some Frag Missiles off into a unit of Devastors with Multi Meltas, killing three. Then the left flank, the Battle Cannon Leman Russ, quickly wiped out a squad of Intercessors.

I knocked a few wounds from the Redemptor, and the Vindicare vapourised an Eradicator, the only target he could see.

Can you spot the Vindicare?

This was already better than my first game’s shooting, why I am not sure, as I used Take Aim from the Lord Solar in both games. Possibly just choosing better targets for the weapons I had. Rather than expecting the new profiles plus Take Aim to do the work for me.

Blood Angels – Turn 1

The enemy force inched forward, using the available cover to block line-of-sight from my static gun line. I think I took very little damage this turn. Everything looks intact from the photos, at least.

My opponent forgot Oaths of Moment in this turn!

Cadians – Turn 2

Two of my Punishers arrived this turn.

The Vindicare killed the enemy Chaplin leading a unit of Death Company. I used Shieldbreaker to remove any chance of a save and then did something like 8 Wounds to him after rolling a 6 to hit.

The Punishers came on and chewed through more Devastors and another Eradicator.

The Redemptor was well hidden.

Blood Angels – Turn 2

I lost a Punisher to a charging Redemptor!

The left flank came forward, and the five Assault Terminators appeared on that flank too, but luckily for me – they failed their charge.

My opponent forgot Oaths of Moment in this turn too! He realised on turn three it was his first game of 10th Edition Warhammer 40K, and these mistakes are always made in the early days of a new Codex or Edition.

It felt like a big deal because The Sentinels were proving hard to shift. Toughness 8 with a 2+ Armour Save is hardy.

Cadians – Turn 3

The Redemptor Dreadnought was killed this turn, and I started to push forward to take some Objectives after the Blood Angels had begun to take the lead on points.

The last Punisher arrived and killed more Blood Angels Infantry in the centre of the battlefield.

I was impressed with the Punishers, especially with an extra pip of AP from the Exterminator Autocannon.

Blood Angels – Turn 3

The Terminators made their charge this turn, and the Blood Angels used Oaths of Moment – they did about 4 Wounds to the Battle Cannon Leman Russ. This surprised us both; it was the first time I realised how tough vehicles are now.

I lost a Sentinel in the centre of the battlefield. This was after five Assault Intercessors charged them. They just shrugged off wounds and stayed in place. On an objective too!


We sadly ran out of time in this game.

I knew my rules better this game, and it felt better than the first game against the Genestealer Cult.

The units I took did their jobs much better than in the first game.  I relied on artillery in that first game against the Genestealer Cult, and I think it still suffers from the same issues we had throughout 9th Edition.

It is just too swingy. D6 or even D6+6 shots are unreliable and do not do consistent damage. I was firing them into the correct units in that first game, Toughness 3 Neophytes, but they can return. So I spent turns killing infantry that could come back onto the board.

I ditched the artillery in this game and went for more Leman Russ. I think this paid off. The 20 reliable shots from the three Punishers with Devastating Wounds against infantry were perfect for taking out Marines.

As I play games, I have learnt how these new units perform.

I am unsure why artillery needed a nerf and a points increase. The Basilisk averages six shots, with Take Aim and Heavy hitting on a 2+, so five hits. Against Toughness 4 Marines, you are wounding on a 2+, so maybe they all wound. AP-2 will be AP-1 if they receive the Benefit of Cover, giving the enemy five 4+ Armour Saves to make.

Does that mean a Basilisk can kill about two Marines a turn? Or three or four if you’re lucky? I am unsure what is overpowered about this and why Basilisks needed a points increase. They seem as mediocre and useless as they have ever been. The Manticore comes out about the same because of its fewer shots but higher AP.

Final Score

Astra Militarum – ~2
Blood Angels – ~4

~Draw~ Victory