Wire Bound Printed Warhammer 40K Index Cards - A Tutorial
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Wire Bound Printed Warhammer 40K Index Cards – A Tutorial

Something a little different today....

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With Index cards now freely available and purchasing them just around the corner… let me show you an alternative. At this time, I do not know the cost of the Index cards. Rumours are £15 to £25 depending on the faction. I used Doxzoo printing service for mine, lots more details on the process and a full video guide too!

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I used Doxzoo, and I cannot recommend these guys enough. The product was exactly what I wanted, with no fuss, and the interface was easy to use.

You can view a short video of the Index here on YouTube.


As a brief guide to pricing, here is the cost of the Guard Index;

  • 1x Colour £14.15
  • 1x Black and White £4.92

And if you wanted black and white for a fiver plus the postage… that is a pretty sweet deal.

The more you order, the cheaper it gets. Ordering two gets you a 27% discount.

  • 2x Colour £20.38
  • 2x Black and White £7.21

And then it gets cheaper again for ordering three.

  • 3x Colour £30.57
  • 3x Black and White £10.81

The Marine Index is significantly larger, at 252 pages. A guide price for the Marine Index is;

  • 1x Colour is £28
  • 1x Black and White is £10

How to Use Doxzoo

A complete video tutorial is included below for using Doxzoo. View it below or on YouTube.