Taurox Completed

Taurox Completed

My first Cadian Taurox is complete!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

I built and primed this Taurox back in November 2016, then it sat there for nearly five years! Shame on me! But, now it is done! Rejoice! I was hoping to get a game in with this, this week at Boards and Swords, but Covid has other ideas for my family this week :-(

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Taurox Overview

The wheels are from Victora Miniatures.

When I built this model I magnetised all the weapons and primed the Taurox in my Cadian Camp scheme – but Cadians cannot take all the weapons. I am unsure what I was thinking or even if I was thinking back then. I cannot even remember where the weapons that it can take for Cadians are meant to go? Are the Autocannons meant to go on the hull or on the turret for the regular Astra Militarum Taurox?

The Taurox Prime has weapons all over it!

I opted for the turret because that looks the best given the pieces I have to hand which are primed. And I am all about getting things done at the moment, even if they are slightly off.

And here we find ourselves…

Cadian Camo

I used my usual Cadian Camo scheme for this;

  1. Prime Black
  2. Zandri Dust from a spray can
  3. Apply masking tape
  4. Airbrush Castellan Green
  5. Touch up with a brush
  6. Wash with Agrax Earthshade
  7. Dry brush using Terminus Stone

This is slightly quicker than the way I did the Valkyrie and Vulture, as I did not dry brush with Loren Forest and Ushabti Bone. I just went straight to Terminus Stone. Once the pigments are on you cannot really tell.

Exhaust Pipe Heat Burn

These are all washes, built up over a silver base coast;

Taurox Completed Gallery

WIP Gallery

As always, I have too many photos of the Taurox in progress…