Vulture Completed

Vulture Completed

My second Flyer is now complete! A Forgeworld Vulture!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

My second flyer is now complete and ready for the battlefield, this time it is a Forgeworld Vulture with two Punisher Gatling Cannons and a nose mounter Heavy Bolter.

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Vulture Completed Gallery

Vulture Painting

The Vulture followed the same process as my Valkyrie. I did make some minor amends to the process to try and speed up the painting process and also improve the overall finish;

White drybrush on the crew

On the Valkyrie, the glowing crew were a bit dull, so I dry brushed white onto the Vulture crew to try and get the glow to be a little brighter. It worked well and just made them greener and brighter than the Valkyrie crew.


Thanks to Sam for this suggestion on Instagram. I have avoided doing this on my tanks as I have not done it before on them and I like them to be all the same! But the aircraft are different – sort of – so I went with it with a sponge and Zandri Dust. And it has worked well!

Thanks, Sam!

The lower right photo shows the chips of Zandri Dust on the green.

A Simpler Base

The Valkyrie base, while not busy, did have a few points of focus on it. I wanted to leave this base more open but then had the idea of a grave. But, a none grim dark grave – so I tried to make it as touching as something in 40K can be touching. I am happy with the result!

Vulture WIP Gallery