Sergeant Ripper Jackson Completed

Sergeant Ripper Jackson Completed

My first mini of 2021 is done!

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sergeant Ripper Jackson is the first mini I have touched since October. I started painting her on January 26th 2021, which is when I started writing this line of text – let us see when she is completed and this article is published. Hopefully, it will be in 2021. She will be done in the same style and basing as my last mini, my Catachan Colonel.

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Sergeant Ripper Jackson

Sergeant Ripper Jackson

¬†Sergeant Ripper Jackson’s – Build

This model was hard work to build. I have not done a lot of building models for maybe a year or more – so I was a bit rusty. But, man, this wasn’t very good. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to why she was made the way she was.

There are two pieces to the torso, front and back, but then a side of the torso is attached to the right leg. So you have to marry up the front and back of the torse and a leg. It is a mono-pose model – doing it this way gives you no extra options for poses – maybe it was done like this to force the mono-pose? Does the leg have to be in a specific position with the torso to make a mono-post model?

I don’t know. I just hated it.

Sergeant Ripper Jackson’s – Painting

For the paint job, I went down the same route as my Catachan Colonel.

And the base is Stirland Battlmire and Dryad Bark.

Painting the Skin

The skin I used a lot of colours on, they are just about the same as on my Catachan Colonel.

I cannot believe how well this turned out. I managed to get the lighting just right, but it also looks good in real life too! I am so happy. I was scared of doing the face at this point, as I do not think I can do it justice after doing the arms so well.

I have messed up here too, you will see in the WIP gallery that I originally had the Chaos head hanging with the chain wrapped around her left arm. But, now the arm looks so good, I do not want to cover it up with a chain! So I needed to reevaluate my chain and Chaos head positioning.

The blood I did by using the same method as before, with my Eversor. I use hair!

Sergeant Ripper Jackson – Completed Gallery

WIP Gallery