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Painting Hazard Stripes – How To

Today I take a look at Painting Hazard Stripes on my Basilisks...

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With the Basilisks now done, it is time to look at another new technique that I have used – Painting Hazard Stripes.

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Painting Hazard Stripes – The Gear

I used the following bits of kit for this process;

Painting Hazard Stripes Method

This really was so simple. A simple as masking the area and then painting it. Images are going to explain the process a lot better than words will. Stay tuned for some tips at the end of the article…

1. Masking begins for Painting Hazard Stripes

1. Masking begins for Painting Hazard Stripes

First coat of yellow

2. First coat of yellow

More coats of yellow

3. More coats of yellow

Yellow done and mask applied

4. The yellow is done and the mask is applied

Black applied - Painting Hazard Stripes

5. Black applied

Mask removed, stripes done - Painting Hazard Stripes

6. Mask removed, stripes done

Nuln oil applied - Painting Hazard Stripes

7. Nuln oil applied

Runefang Silver applied with a sponge - Painting Hazard Stripes

8. Runefang Silver applied with a sponge

Done Painting Hazard Stripes! Finished off the pigment.

Done Painting Hazard Stripes! Finished off the pigment.

Mask Removal Video


I finished the model off with a pigment – read my quick how-to for pigments.

Next time I will try sealing the tape mask with a varnish. Someone suggested this as it will ensure the tape is sealed in place and reduce seeping under the tape.

Also, a quick tip… I covered the whole area in tape for the stripes. So rather than placing one, missing the second and placing the third. I placed the first, second and third, then removed the second. This made sure my gaps were the same size, rather than guessing the width.

I am unsure when I will get to next use this technique, possibly on my Skitarii – when I get around to painting them. I think there will be a good cause for hazards on those models in some places. I have a Knight, Armigers and Baneblade that are big enough that the odd hazard striping will not be too overbearing.



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