Cadian Trojan with Cyclops - Completed

Cadian Trojan with Cyclops – Completed

My first Forgeworld model in a while, a Trojan! So I can reload all my HKMs, Manticores and Deathstrikes. Also has a Heavy Bolter.

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

My first Forgeworld model in a while, so I expected the usual gaps and issues with the build – this Cadian Trojan was no different. The fact that this chassis is a support vehicle though makes up for issues, with how creative you can get with it.

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Completed Gallery


The crane, the hatches and then adding bits to the outside really allow you to make the Trojan shine as a support vehicle.

Being a support vehicle and that crane, it was just asking for something to be placed in the hatch on the crane. Initially, it would be a Hunter Killer Missile because I have those on all my vehicles. But then there was another thought…


The Forgeworld Cyclops takes up 6 transport capacity, the Trojan has 6 transport capacity – this was surely a no brainer?!

Buying a second Forgeworld model in the form of a Cyclops to place onto a Forgeworld model might be a bit mad. Like the time I cut up a Hades Breaching Drill – but I think it worked well on the Trojan!

Sadly the Cyclops cannot shoot after exiting the Trojan, but it is just so cool to do! I already have three of the Cyclops models I can use for use in-game.

Cyclops loading

Cyclops loading

Hunter Killer Missile

The Hunter Killer Missile I did differently from my other HKMs, I wanted it on an arm, a robotic arm. Finding this arm was hard work. I went through a few options;

I settled on a Chaos Space Marine Havoc robotic missile loading arm from eBay.

After removing the claw and the spiked cable it would be perfect. I can mount it on the side of the Trojan and mount the HKM on top of it. The idea was to make it look like the arm could store the HKM at the side/rear of the Trojan, then it could extend and point it up and over the vehicle for firing. I think I pulled it off?

Chaos Space Marine Havoc with Robotic Missile Launcher Arm

Chaos Space Marine Havoc with Robotic Missile Launcher Arm

Hunter Killer Missile Arm

Hunter Killer Missile Arm

Vehicles Extras & Accessories

I wanted to have the Cadian Trojan dripping in extra details. Want I did now know is that the Trojan comes with an Astra Militarum Tank Accessories Sprue. This is perfect for adding track guards (which the Trojan cannot take in-game), jerry cans, a pick, a shovel, wire, a barrel (can you spot it) etc. For those of you who look a bit harder, you will see that I have started an Astra Militarum bits store on this blog, link also in the main navigation. You can get some vehicle upgrades from there! Plus Cadian heads and weapons!

Finally, I also have a set of the Krieg Kill Team models which come with mines, shovels, pickaxes and tools – perfect for adorning the outside of a Trojan Support Vehicle. I used brass wire to fix the extras to the outside of the Trojan. Bass wire works well as hooks, eyelets and bars for holding things.

Astra Militarum Tank Accessories Sprue

Astra Militarum Tank Accessories Sprue

WIP Gallery

All my WIP photos for you to browse and learn from – I hope?