Cadian Centaur Light Carrier Completed

Cadian Centaur Light Carrier Completed

Another Forgeworld classic, brought into my Cadian force!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

Another Forgeworld classic rolls off the painting production line, the Centaur Light Carrier.

Centaur Light Carrier Extras

There are several extras on this Centaur which I thought worth covering briefly here:

  • I added some radio/radar style equipment from the Chimera kit.
  • All the infantry is from the Field Ordnance Battery kits. Those have a lot of sitting and kneeling legs which made them perfect for this build. Plus the standing pose is just right for the gunner.
  • The Hunter Killer Missile is a 3D print from here. This was from a post on Reddit, but I cannot find the original author – so apologies to the Hunter Killer Missile creator out there!
  • The aerials are brass rod.
  • The thumbs up hand is from MepMakes on Etsy.

Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox. The majority of this model follows my Cadian Camo scheme, with the crew using my new Cadian oil recipe.

Centaur Light Carrier Rules

360° Video

eBay Gallery

I got this Centaur from eBay, it is the Forgeworld model which is no longer in production. So cost £62 including postage. I did managed to sell all the infantry from it though for £35, probably about £27 after I lose income from eBay fees. – so all in, not bad for about £35 for this Centaur.

WIP Gallery