Cadian Camo Update with My Airbrush

Cadian Camo Update with My Airbrush

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Its Cadian Camo time again! I got some hobby time in! Praise The God Emperor. The first time in months that I have put brush to paint.

I took to my airbrush to get some more base layers down for my Cadian Camo scheme on 2 Leman Russ and 2 Sentinels.

Continuing with Castellan Green, Zandri Dust and masking tape I made some decent progress on these models. They are still very much works in progress as all the Cadian Camo needs crisping up and the details all need adding.

Feels so great to be painting again and actually making progress and with the airbrush progress feels so quick.

I did have a blockage which wasted about 30 minutes of the evening! I feel like after not using the airbrush for months (last time was in August) that everything took much longer to set up and get ready and then clean between colours. Then when I did clean it was not right so it took 3 flushes to clear the blockage. Oh well.

I must keep up this momentum now!