Basilisks Complete

Basilisks Complete

Quick write up about my completed Basilisks and my next model to be painted...

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Two new Basilisks are now done! I’ve had these models for a long time. Probably three or four years.

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I based them black a long time ago and then primed them Zandri Dust in September 2018. I finally started on them again on April 18th 2019 and finished them on May 4th 2019.

So after not touching them for years, it took just 16 days to actually get them done. Wow. I’ve amazed myself there.

Not only that I’m really happy with them and I used two new techniques on them too! Painting Hazard Stripes and Pigments.

Basilisks – Two New Methods

Those two methods have made them stand head and shoulders above my Wyverns which I completed in June 2018. So not quite a year ago.

This makes me very excited about what the next year may hold for me and my hobby skills. There is a lot to be said for just doing the hobby.

The psychical aspect of modelling and painting cannot be learnt from blog articles or YouTube tutorials. It’s learnt by just doing the hobby. Once you have a lull, it can be hard to break it and restart. But once you do, keep it going and push yourself.

Next – Priest

I’m now working on a Priest, an Age of Sigmar model, but converted for 40K. Don’t worry, I’ve not converted from Guardsmen to Goblins!

This Priest is having his cloak wet blended – like Psymon the Psyker did in November 2018. It’s about six months since I did my first red wet blended cloak and I’m interested to see how this second attempt will turn out.

The jury is still out at present on how it’s going. Sometimes I feel like I’ve achieved a better result. Other times I feel meh about it.

I have expanded my colour choice for this cloak though. For 95% of the process last time I used;

But this time I’ve started right out of the gate with a larger range of colours which I’m hoping will give me a better result. This time it’s;

Stay turned on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for Priest updates. I want him done for a 2,000 point game on May 15th…

For no other reason than it’s a deadline to work too. Then I’m going to do Valhallans again.

Priest WIP

Priest WIP