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1,250 points Tallarn Desert Raiders – Response to a Tweet

Lets looks at another regiment today, 1,250 points of Tallarn. Its nice to have a change!

Approximate Reading Time: 9 minutes

saw this Tweet today and wrote a reply. Then deleted it. And wrote another. A Tweet is not long enough to answer such a query. Also, I have been thinking a lot recently about other regiments – so my mind was in the right place. So I came here to write a response and a quick 1,250 points Tallarn Desert list.
I own no Tallarn, so no pics :-(

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The question goes like this…

If this was the bones of an army, thinking Tallarn Regiment rules, what would people arm the units and tank with? Any other changes that should be made?

And that’s it. The list as it is now from Jamie is:

  • Company Commander
  • 3 Infantry Squads
  • Bullgryns
  • Command Squad
  • Rough Riders
  • Commissar
  • Armoured Sentinels
  • Hellhound Variant
  • 3x Leman Russ Battle Tanks

The question is in regards to weapon load outs which is always a great issue with any list. Getting the right balance is hard.

Jamie said that he plays about 1,500 points and Power Level too – about 75. I have tried to keep this at about 1,250 so that it can be built up to 1,500 or used in slightly smaller games. And with Power Levels, you can go nuts with weapons. Just pile on Sponsons to the Leman Russ for masses of anti-horde Heavy Bolter fire or Melta Cannons for anti-tank.

For Starters

To begin with, I would swap the Armoured Sentinels for Scouts.

I’d add in a Tank Commander too. A Primaris Pysker would also be handy.

Also, drop the Commissar and drop a Leman Russ.

More on those changes later.

On with theĀ 1,250 points Tallarn list…

1,250 points Tallarn Detachment

I’ve selected a Battalion Detachment because this seems to best represent what Jamie had already. This gives him 8CPs.

With being Tallarn speed is everywhere. I’ll be looking at ensuring Jamie can make use of their Doctrine, Order and Stratagem. More on this later. Without harnessing a Regiment’s special abilities it’s destined to underperform and this means you’re on the back foot in turn zero. Use the tools the Emperor gave you!

Loadouts and Weapon Selection

This is where things get trickier. Weapons often depend on what you’re facing; horse, elites, vehicles, monsters, etc. So this will have to be a little bit of both. It’s easier to tweak this though; take a Lascannon instead of a Mortar for vehicles, for example. Although of course there is a points cost with this so you’ll lose out elsewhere.

Company Commander

This is my Warlord. With Grand Strategist and Kurov’s Aquila, we need to keep those 8CPs alive. I would slap on a Plasma Pistol too to have some S7 and -3 AP power in the backfield. You never know when that shot will come in handy.


Let’s start easy, give them all Slabshields and Power Mauls. It’s my standard loud for them. It doesn’t disappoint and they’re so hard to put down. Tough for Guard! More Bullgryn Tactics can be found on my blog!

Hellhound – Devil Dog

I would go Devil Dog here which has the Melta Cannon. 2D6 Damage and pick the highest at 12″. Which is nice. I’ll come back to this later.


Multi-laser for these chaps. I do not use them to kill things. I use them to hold objectives which might normally be too far off for me to grab. Their Scout move is very handy for this in the first turn. Especially if you’re playing a Tactical Objectives game with cards.

They’re cheaper, aren’t much worse than Armoured Sentinels, still have BS4+ and can move further.

Leman Russ

This is hard to judge without a greater context. So I sent a question to Jamie to find out more about what this list needs to do…

Nids and CSM are most likely.

Well, that was useful! With that in mind, he’ll be facing hordes and monsters. By monsters, I expect multi-wound enemies with Toughness 7 / 8 and have a 3+ save.

I have gone for a Battle Cannon Russ with Heavy Bolters and an Executioner Russ with Plasma Cannon side Sponsons.

Tank Commander

In a Punisher, with Heavy Bolter Sponsons and Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter. Swapping out a Leman Russ for a Tank Commander always make sense for me because the Commander just gives you that extra little bit of ability. In this case, it’s for ordering the Executioner to re-roll ones on those Plasma shots. But the Tallarn Tank Order is handy too for moving about the field.

Remember theĀ Inspired Tactics Stratagem for giving an additional order for 1CP! Use it to order the Plasma tank and then order another tank to move an extra 6″ with no penalties.

Primaris Pysker

A Pysker will give you some Deny the Witch ability against the pesky Chaos and Tyranid Pyskers that I’m sure will be among their ranks. I often take mine with Psychic Barrier and Nightshroud. Both are defensive abilities and are easy to remember. One is -1 to hit for a friendly unit and one is +1 to your save for a friendly unit. The +1 to save on the Tank Commander can be useful when he finds himself upfront after rattling out those 20 Punisher shots.

Command Squad

As Veterans,Ā you want guns on these guys. Not Flamers. Plasma seems like a good choice to give some more damage output. But I think that damage output needs to come from elsewhere in the list; Leman Russ, Devil Dog and Bullgryns. Snipers might be an idea here.

Cutting down those buffing characters in the Chaos or Tyranid lines early in the game – might just swing the battle over killing an extra Carnifex. But Snipers feel kind of niche and circumstantial here so maybe Plasma or Melta could be the way to go.

Infantry Squads

With the Tallarn Doctrine, there is no reason not to have your Infantry Squads moving about constantly. Being able to fire weapons after Advancing with no penalty makes the Lasgun just as useful as when you stand still. Rapid Fire becomes easier to achieve and the same can be said for Plasma guns on your Guardsmen. The extra mobility without having penalty will be useful for gaining cover and objective grabbing.

Four squads all with Plasma running about will do nicely. The Company Commander can give out two orders or three orders with the Inspired Tactics Stratagem.

Putting it all together as Tallarn

I have very much tried to keep the Tallarn abilities at the front of my mind with this 1,250 points Tallarn list.


Mobility! Its all about mobility with the Tallarn it seems. If you’re not moving further just for the sake of it then you’re moving further and not getting penalised for the benefit. Ensure you’re moving to get a line of sight on enemies that though they were safe or moving to and from cover as much as possible. I really feel like Tallarn would shine in Maelstrom of War missions when using cards.


I would definitely plan on using the Ambush Stratagem with this list. I had this in mind from the start. Got to use the tools you have. Chose three Tallarn units to basically Deep Strike, and one can be a vehicle. For me, the vehicle would be the Devil Dog. With its 24″ range and 12″Ā Melta range, you’re instantly in Melta range as soon as you arrive. As for the other two units you bring along that are Tallarn and Infantry you have either Infantry Squads or the Command Squad. If you went Plasma with the Command Squad then get them up there. Six shots from BS3+ Plasmas is nasty, overcharge them? Maybe. The less expensive option would be to use Infantry Squads, place them in cover and in objectives. Use them to run interference and hinder the enemy’s advance.

Tank Commander

Inspired Tactics Stratagem with the Tank Commander will give you some deadly Overcharging Plasma and a Leman Russ Battle Tank which can move 11″ and still fire its Battle Cannon twice. It does not sound a lot but I think that might be the difference between you seeing nothing and getting a line of sight on an enemy monster or dreadnought.


I went for Scout rather than Armoured Sentinels because of their scout move at the start of the game but because there is a Stratagem especially for Scout Sentinels. Plus the Tallarn Doctrine means they can move up and fire at BS4+ unhindered.

There is a lot of movement in a Tallarn force, and now I kind of want to try them out in a Maelstrom of War mission. All that movement is just not possible with Cadians while trying to maximise firepower.

Final 1,250 points Tallarn list

Battalion Detachment – 8 CP total

  • Company Commander; Plasma Pistol, Grand Strategist, Kurov’s Aquila
  • Primaris Psyker; SMite, Nightshroud, Psychic Barrier
  • Tank Commander; Punisher, Heavy Bolters
  • 4x Infantry Squads; Plasma Guns
  • Bullgryns; Slabshields and Power Mauls
  • Rough Riders
  • Scout Sentinels; Multi-Lasers
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank; Heavy Bolters
  • Leman Russ Executioner: Plasma Cannons

That gives you about 25 points spare for upgrades. ItsĀ 72 power level in total.

There is no Astra Militarum Artillery in this list – which for me and for Cadians is just bizarre. It still looks like an extremely fun list to play from the Astra Militarum. The same armyĀ as I normally play but completely different style – just by switching regiment. Hats off to Games Workshop and 8th Edition for making that possible.

Let me know how it goes, whatever you play Jamie!

Image from Gamework Shop Store.