Tech-Priest Enginseer Completed

Tech-Priest Enginseer Completed

Second Tech-Priest done

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This is my second Tech-Priest Enginseer completed! After the one I had performed so well against Knights & Ad Mech the other day – it made sense to get my second one painted up and completed. I also just bought a third – so now I am fully tooled up on Tech-Priests.

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The Tech-Priest in that game healed about 9 wounds throughout the game. Which is a fair amount, that is like having a Leman Russ with 21 wounds to take done. A Malcador of sorts. Having another one is really going to help the survivability of my Cadian Armour. With so many vehicles to keep running, I think three will be needed sooner than I think.

Single models, I find very hard to photography. I have an iPhone 7 – which is a good camera. But on single minis, I have to zoom in to get the crop right. It just doesn’t look at neat and smooth in the photos as it does in real life.

Anyone got any tips?

Tech-Priest Enginseer Gallery – SLR Camera

Tech-Priest Enginseer Gallery – iPhone 7