Cadian Armour Photoshoot

Cadian Armour Photoshoot

All my Cadian Armour...

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After completing all my Leman Russ I decided to take out all my Cadian Armour and photo them all. So this isn’t much of an article, just a photo dump!

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I have;

  • 7 Leman Russ
  • 2 Basilisks
  • 2 Wyverns
  • 4 Chimeras
  • A Malcador Defender

This is about 1,900 points at their base value. Not sure I will ever get to field them all in one go as Apocalypse doesn’t float my boat.

And left to paint for my Cadians that’s a Vehicle I have;

  • A Taurox
  • 3 Sentinels
  • A Baneblade
  • A Valkyrie
  • A Vulture
  • A Manticore
  • A Deathstrike

That is 64% completed! Not bad!


Cadian Armour Video

You can listen to me droning voice here going over my vehicles…