Cadian Leman Russ - All Seven - Completed

Cadian Leman Russ – All Seven – Completed

Leman Russ are all done! Rejoice!

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I’ve completed seven Cadian Leman Russ, I have completed seven Cadian Leman Russ. I wrote it twice so it sinks in for me. This feels like a big deal!

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The Leman Russ is the go-to tank for the Astra Militarum and the fact it’s taken me five years to paint my first one should be enough to warrant a visit from a Commissar. But I hope I’ve redeemed myself somewhat by doing all my Leman Russ in one single batch.

I’ve had these models for a long time. At least three years and I’ve never finished them. I airbrushed the camo a long time ago too. But now I’m only playing painted it was time to get them finished.

Also, I was tired of explaining myself whenever I posted a list. Every time it felt like someone would comment…

No Leman Russ!?

But no more! Now I roll with seven Cadian Leman Russ!

Cadian Leman Russ Gallery

Leman Russ Turrets

I have a few options for the turrets because they’re not all glued together. I have a few combinations and the images below will show you what I could run.

Notable mentions are two Executioner turrets, one of which is a Mars Pattern version from Forgeworld. This will make a good and obvious Tank Commander on the battlefield. I tried my first Plasma Effect on those turrets and it turned out pretty well. I also cover the heat burn on the Punisher Cannon in that article.

I also have the option to run four Vanquishers. This seems like a terrible idea on paper. But I’d like to try it. Maybe four Vanquisher Tank Commanders will do something amazing with the Lost Relic of Cadia and Overlapping Fields of Fire.

I also have the ability to change out the Vanquishers for Battle Cannons which will be my go-to variant of Leman Russ.

Turrets Done

Turrets Done


One of the seven has not got the sponson mounts at all. This one I think was from eBay. It had a Lascannon glued into the front mount. I managed to remove this so it could be a Heavy Bolter or a Heavy Flamer instead.

Another one has a glued-in Lascannon and Heavy Bolters which I can’t remove. This is the older Leman Russ version and I think was the first one I owned back five years ago. I can’t remove them without a huge risk of damaging the model – so they will stay put.

The other five haven’t got any hull or sponson weapons glued in place. This will prove extremely handy in the future. Unfortunately, it does mean I have a whole plethora of weapons that need painting if I’m to give myself the maximum number of options.

Yeah for Leadbelcher spray!

Front Sponson Gallery


This was my first time using transfers and it went surprisingly well! I used the much recommended Micro Set and Micro Sol.

And I have to say that it went really well. Out of the 14 transfers I applied, I broke one.

Transfers add so much to the model I can’t wait to go back over my other vehicles and add them. I also have some custom ones in the pipeline…

Cadian Transfers

Cadian Transfers

Cadian Leman Russ WIP Gallery