Social Media Guide for Hobbyists and Warhammer 40K

Social Media Guide for Hobbyists and Warhammer 40K

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes
This social media made me smile :-)

This social media made me smile :-)

With new articles now being published more regularly I thought it best to have a summary post that would introduce each article as well as link off to each article.

Part 1 – The Meta

A look at why you would want to start posting your hobby content online and sharing it with a larger audience. Its important to think of the “why” so you do not loose your way and continue to enjoy your hobby.

Part 2 – Twitter

An introduction to Twitter and hobby, includes finding new followers, using hash tags and analysing other user’s profiles to determine if they are worth following.

Part 2.1 – Twitter, a new method

This is a quick update on using Twitter and gaining followers. I recently completed a little experiment in trying to obtain relevant followers. I did cover this in my last Twitter article but this is a new approach.

Part 2.2 – Following Back

Quick little chat about following back, not following back, muting and following-to-follow-back!

Twitter – Testing My Own Advice

So onto something different. I created a new account and painted a single mini under that account, the aim was to test my own advice and see if I could get 100 followers in 2 weeks.

Part 3 – Posting to Twitter

Covers how to get the most out of the 140 characters Twitter gives you.

Part 4 – YouTube

YouTuber Tactica Imperialis kindly offered to give his top tips on setting up a YouTube channel for hobbyists. Without further delay I shall hand you over.

Part 5 – Reddit

On to Reddit, a new and completely different beast from Twitter and YouTube. Here I cover what I have found useful in Reddit, the different hobby sub-reddits and much more.

Part 6 – Blog Networks

Blog Networks are a great way of sending you free and relevant visitors. Expand your audience today and read this!

Part 6.1 – Advice/Discussion with Blog Networks

The discussion centred around; “What can a blog network that links out to other blogs do to increase clicks to those blogs?”

Part 7 – SEO

Got a blog, a web site or a web store then you may want to know a little about SEO – start here if you wish!