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Shadow War Zone – Create and track your Kill Teams

Introducing Shadow War Zone - Create and track your Kill Teams

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Introducing Shadow War Zone – for creating and tracking your Shadow War Kill Teams.

With this new slick little site you can create and track all your Fighters as they battle their way into the Promethium Sprawl!

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This is not in alpha – so please, SHARE AWAY!

Shadow War Zone Features:

  • Create a Kill Team for any faction
  • Create Fighters (and Drones)
  • Add Equipment and Weapons
  • Track points and Promethium Cache
  • Add Skills, Rules and Serious Injuries
  • Rearm and Recruit after battles

Coming Soon:

  • A more detailed rules and help section for when you play
  • A more streamlined Battle Mode for use during battles
  • Add your photos to showcase your minis against the history and stats of your Kill Team
  • Toggle a Fighter’s state during a battle: Down, Pinned, Out of Ammo
  • Linking of Kill Teams together to showcase your battles against friends

Its safe to say 40K Companion is on hold until at least 8th Edition.

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