Rapier Laser Destroyers

Rapier Laser Destroyers

Three Forgeworld models done!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today I completed three Rapier Laser Destroyers I bought from a friend earlier this year. The Guard version of this model is Out of Print on the Forgeworld website at the time of writing. This is where the cool helmets are from; you can get the gun, though, as part of other kits.

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Rapier Laser Destroyers

Here are a couple of points of note that I think might be worth sharing;

  • The Map and Vox casters on the extra crew are from Krieg Kill Team kit.
  • The bases are 80mm, which is bigger than the bases provided; this is purely to accommodate a more interesting base.
  • The pigments are Vallejo, Natural Sienna and Dark Ocre. These make a big difference; more info on those is in my Pigments Article.
  • The smaller tufts are Tiny Tufts.
  • The chassis was primed in Colour Forge Governor Green – I love this stuff to save airbrushing Castellan Green.

I am not sure when these will hit the tabletop, with the new Codex coming and two leagues in full swing it might not be until the new year…


Here is a quick example of what the pigments add to the model and base…

Before and after pigments

Before and after pigments

Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox.

WIP Gallery