Pask Completed

Pask Completed

Pask, bow and tremble!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

I used a Legionary Assault Tank Turret from Kromlech for Pask’s turret just because I wanted to! I had no spare Leamn Russ turrets to use and I had the metal Pask models for years.

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Pask Gallery

Pask Overview

The Kromlech Turret

So the turret required sawing down on the underside so it’s fit into the Leman Russ hole. The protruding circle on the underside is pretty wide, maybe 2cm, so I used a hobby saw to cut it down to size. Once it fits within the smaller Leman Russ turret hole – I was good to go.

The Plasma Execturion barrel also required some cutting to fit within the Kromlech turret – which was expected as I am essentially kitbashing this at this point.

Search Light

For the Search Light, I revisited the technique I used on my Baneblade back in early 2020. I used the technique from bloodmoonpainting again, it is hard, but it works well.

Painting Techniques

I often get asked for my recipes on things, so here you are…

Cadian Camo

I used my usual Cadian Camo scheme for this;

  1. Prime Black or just go straight to…
  2. Zandri Dust from a spray can
  3. Apply masking tape
  4. Airbrush Castellan Green
  5. Touch up with a brush
  6. Wash with Agrax Earthshade
  7. Dry brush using Terminus Stone

Muzzle Heat Burn

These are all washes, built up over a silver base coat;

My biggest tip for doing this process is to have all the paints open and in front of you – go from one to the next and back again constantly until it starts to come together and look right. When it’s right, let it dry after removing any excess to stop it pooling. You do not want tide lines. Do this three or four times to build up the colours, letting it dry between each layer.

The hardest part is the start when the wash colour is so thin and nothing stays put or really adds much colour. Keep with it.

Pask Turret WIP