Lord Solar Completed

Lord Solar Completed

My slightly converted Lord Solar is completed...

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

My Lord Solar is now completed. I used the Tank Commander head from the new Cadian Upgrades and a World Eater from the Jakhals set. The other cultist is from eBay, and I think he is from Blackstone Fortress originally. My aiming Cadian is from the new Cadians set.

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Lord Solar Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox. Below this gallery are details on some of the techniques used on my Lord Solar. The Cadian on the base was done using my new oil wash painting method of painting Cadians.

Lord Solar Video


Cultist Blood – with Human Hair

The natural curl of hair gives some excellent implied movement of the blood. Paintbrush bristles work, too, but they might be too straight. Hair is free too!

The natural curl of hair gives some excellent implied movement of the blood.

  1. I glue the hair on with super glue, a long bit of hair
  2. Then cut it to the correct length
  3. Let the super glue dry a bit
  4. Move the hair to get it pointing in the right direction
  5. Repeat 3 and 4 as needed
  6. Apply Blood for the Blood God and let it dry on the strand in drips
  7. Let the Blood for the Blood God dry
  8. Repeat 6 and 7 to build up the blobs of blood


I just wanted to mention the gold I did quickly. This turned out lovely, better than I expected – especially on the horse’s neck armour.

  1. Base coated in Mechanicus Standard Grey, but Zandri Dust might work better – anyway…
  2. A couple of coats of Retributor Armour to get a good gold coverage
  3. Apply Seraphim Sepia wash on the rivets and recesses
  4. Wait for the wash to dry
  5. Reapply the wash from step 3 and blend it away from the recess – see the below image.
  6. Repeat to build up Sepia wash.

This method of gold was shared with me by Chris from The Unrelenting Brush a long time ago – thanks again, Chris!

I applied the wash where the blue lines are and then guided it in thin layers towards the red arrows.

Reaver Head

I used a black oil wash on the Reaver Head after priming it with Zandri Dust and then applying a base layer of Khorne Red. The Khorne Red I also used this on the two cultists on the base, for the Autogun, Chainaxe and Chainsword.

I do love the oil washes. I am still testing and learning how they work, especially now that I am using an oil wash to paint my Cadians. I like how it seeps out and does more work than a regular Games Workshop wash.

I used liquid pigment on the brass, Turquoise Oxide, from Green Stuff World. AK Interactive do a similar product.

WIP Gallery