Kromlech Demolisher Cannons Completed

Kromlech Demolisher Cannons Completed

Today I got three Kromlech Demolisher Cannons completed...

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Today I finished my Kromlech Demolisher Cannon Turrets – all three of them! This is the first time I’ve bought from Kromlech and actually finished painting the model. I’ve other stuff from them too, watch this space.

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Obtaining Leman Russ Demolisher Turrets on their own can be difficult, as the Leman Russ kit comes with only one. So having a spare or finding a spare on eBay can be hard work. Hence why I ended up getting three of these from Kromlech.

Also, if you use one of the other cannons and glue it in place it’s impossible to get out. It takes some real skill and planning to properly magnetise Leman Russ turrets.

Kromlech Demolisher Cannons

The Kromlech Demolisher turrets are great models; robust, crisp detail and easy to assemble once you’ve washed them – they’re resin. They’ll fit neatly onto a Leman Chassis too, the little button underneath is 1.5cm in diameter and so sits within the old and new Leman Russ kits. Although it doesn’t have the tabs that let you twist it into a tight fit. But, I can live with that.

Between buying three turrets and getting around to building them and painting them I lost a hatch. I say building, they are only three pieces of resin each. This meant I needed an extra hatch to replace the missing one. Lee on Twitter answered my call for a hatch and sent one along for me to use!

It’s not a Kromlech hatch, but it was a Leman Russ hatch. With a little bit of creativity, cutting and filing I got it looking pretty decent. It doesn’t sit perfectly but the chains I added I think distract from the slightly poor fit. The chain was just cheap from eBay, it was from China and took a while to arrive – I am in the UK. But it does the job perfectly. If you’ve seen my Baneblade recently then you’ll have noticed my new love of chains on my models.

Kromlech Demolisher Cannons

Kromlech Demolisher Cannons

Painting Recipe

With a replacement hatch on one of the Kromlech Demolisher turrets, I was now ready for some paint. I went for my standard Cadian Camo scheme that Warhammer TV use. Cadian Camo, of course, so they match my Cadian Leman Russ.

A quick rundown of my scheme;

  1. Zandri Dust from a spray can
  2. Castellan Green painted stripes
  3. Agrax Earthshade wash
  4. Dry brush Loren Forest on the Castellan Green
  5. And then dry brush Ushabti Bone on the Zandri Dust
  6. Finally dry brush Terminus Stone all over
  7. Then finish details and metals
  8. Soot pigment on the barrel
  9. Desert pigment elsewhere

The Tank Commander character with his Grenade and Shotgun followed a similar paint scheme, as he too is Castallen Green and Zandri Dust. The Shotgun casings are from Zinge Industries. I also added an Aquila and a backpack, I think from the old metal Power Fist carrying Catachan Company Commander.

With Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition just around the corner, I hope that the Demolisher Cannon keeps its D6 shots. The D3 shots it had on initial release was a bit underwhelming.

Cheap chain from eBay

A cheap chain from eBay

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