Everlasting Wet Palette v2 Review - Redgrass

Everlasting Wet Palette v2 Review – Redgrass

A quick review of the Everlasting Wet Palette v2 from Redgrass.

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

I was given this Everlasting Wet Pallette v2 some time ago by Redgrass to review; it has taken me far too long to review it on this blog.

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This wide selection of colours was from when I first used the Wet Pallette v2, and in my attempt to use it as quickly as possible, I used it incorrectly. You can see, but I could not see it would appear that the writing can be seen on the hydration membrane. This writing is meant to be face down.

Anyway, I went ahead and used the Wet Pallette v2, as you can see… and it worked great!

These are the models I completed using the Wet Pallette v2 for blending the red on the cloaks, the blue of the Dragon and the skin of my Corpse Grinder Cult members.

I then left the Wet Pallette for about ten months because I had no blending to do. I was doing tanks and weathering. When I returned, the paint was still wet! Most of it washed off the incorrect side that I had used. I then used the correct side and noticed it was much smoother, and the realisation of my error occurred.

I then switched to using the correct side for my Lord Solar, shown below.

And here is my blended Lord Solar cloak using the Wet Pallette v2.

I have to say that I do love this Wet Palette; it keeps the paint wet, it seals, it washes easily so that you can reuse the membrane, and it is large!